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    Bad starter?-gctid358058

    I'm having some issues w/ my starter. Over the last few years, on occasion, with a fully charged battery (and verified good battery w/ more than enough CCA), the starter will just barely turn over the engine. But most of the time, it turns over with plenty of power. Unfortunately since the problem is intermittent, I haven't been able to check the starter voltage when the thing is having issues... so it's hard to diagnose it as a bad starter (that it has too much resistance and is therefore pulling too much juuice).

    Does this sound like a bad starter, or is there something else I could check out?

    Check the usual suspects- terminals for corrosion, each battery cell for specific gravity, cables for corrosion. Does it happen when the engine is cold or hot?


      Agree with checking all connections, look at the starter solenoid as well. I have had the contacts "pit" on some of my vehicles, causing high resistance, hence low starting current. If it is a standalone solenoid, should be easy to replace without removing the starter.


        As others have stated, Check the connection at the starter. It probably has some corrosion or it has worked itself loose.

        I had the exact same problem... Drove me nuts for a while...
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          When was the last time that your starter motor was replaced?

          How much cranking does it typically require to fire up?

          Typically we don't throw parts at a problem as a cure, but as with Ignition parts, a starter motor replacement is not a bad idea.

          If you do replace it, use one of the HTGR units.
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