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  • 460 manifolds-gctid357813

    I have a 1988 2855 with a 460 OMC/ cobra outdrive. Engine and manifolds were new 10 years ago. It RW cooled. I feel that it's time to replace the manifolds and risers/gaskets. Only thing is, I can't locate anything for the 460 engine. Seems like everyone stopped making them. I know that they should be replaced. Anyone have the same experience, or any helpful info ? Thanks Joew

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    I have seen new manifolds for $1500 each - ouch! Not sure about the risers. Here is another possibility - , probably want to call them and find out what it takes to mate to the Y-pipe (or if it is a perfect fit). They claim it is a "OMC Ford 460 Manifold Conversion Kit". But, in the description is says the manifolds are for a 454 GM, so a call is definately recommended.

    Well, sounds like it may not be the best solution - . And this explains the 454 manifolds.

    Or if you have 3 boat bucks laying around - .


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      Joe, just curious, why do you want to replace the manifolds and risers?