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1993 2002 W/A fuel tank dimensions-gctid357720

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  • 1993 2002 W/A fuel tank dimensions-gctid357720

    Hi, i recently purchased a pair of suspension seats for my 2002, i am hoping somebody out there can tell me the dimensions of the 82 gallon fuel tank in it? I had the little round deck cover off, I know how wide it is and were the back of it ends, i am just not sure how far forward it goes forward,before i start drilling holes i need to know this,can anybody out there help me out? Thanks ling king

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    if you remove side panels beside seats you may be able to see under deck.


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      Hey thanks for the info, i will give that a try


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        Hi Lingking,

        I have a 1998 Trophy 2002 W/A ~ it sounds like we may have the same gas tank size. Mine is a coastline model 823-B. I just recently ordered a new tank to be built by the original manufacturers ( because ours is leaking gas.... I just delivered the boat to the shop installing it today. They are going to email pics to me once they cut the deck open. I'll try and post them so you can see. I'm sure if you called Coastline they would tell you the length of the tank ~ they have the specs! Nice people too.

        Hope that helps!

        C legs