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  • fishbox pump locations-gctid357031

    I have 1998 21 ft bayliner trophy fishing boat and I am trying to locate the fish boxes pump locations. Also how do you get water into the fish boxes.


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    The pumps on my 1998 2052 Trophy are mounted directly to the fishwells. Access is to remove the scupper drain hoses.


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      thanks for info


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        Maxwell 18. You were wondering how to get water into the fish boxes? The rest of us wonder how to keep it out! The fish boxes are meant to hold fish. Water from the deck will find it's way in there all by itself. It's a bit of a design flaw with these boats, but one that's tolerable. The pumps pump water out, and as mentioned, are not easily accessable. I'm not sure why you'd want excess water in there, but if you do, short of installing a washdown system (which I have), a bucket would be the next best method.
        Bob Hawes.
        Kelowna, B.C.
        1998 Trophy 2052 WA
        4.3 Vortec, A1 G2


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          Being new to this model boat I just want to understand how everything works. I really don't fish anymore, ride and look for underwater stuff. So it may sound crazy asking these questions. I think it is a bad design and possible a safety issue.