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    Impeller Part Number-gctid467396

    I am sure this question has been asked before but I have not been able to find a reference to it.

    I am looking for the part number for the impeller on my AQ260A with a Volvo Penta raw water pump with this number on the cover 857451/P01. I have an emergency kit with parts listing that shows the part number as 834794-0. No luck cross referencing this number to see what a replacement number may be.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Al, I believe that this would be a Sherwood crankshaft pump. SS body, four cover screws.

    The Sherwood mounts and plumbs like the Johnson and Jabsco.

    Instead of a splined shaft, the Sherwood impeller is keyed to the shaft.

    This parts schematic shows a splined shaft.... could be an error, or it could be a model that I'm not familiar with.

    If you suspect that yours is in need of bearings/seals and impeller, the Johnson F5B-9 is only $161 for a brand new complete pump, impeller and all.

    The F5B-9 uses a very common 1027 impeller.... so common, that you can dang near find this impeller at the liquor store.

    Sherwood = four cover screws

    Johnson = four cover screws

    Jabsco = six cover screws

    Al, if it turns out that you have a Jabsco pump, post back.

    There are some concerns with the large volume Jabsco pump, and the Johnson F6B-9 impeller being substituted.

    The two impellers look extremely similar.... but they are not!

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