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    3218 starting problem-gctid467395

    Went up to the boat today to fire her up for the first time this year. Starboard engine fired up just fine. Port engine fired, ran up to where I had the throttle set and died. Made no difference where I had the throttle set, same thing. Wind up to that level and die. Would immediately restart, but not stay running. I have a theory, but would like input from others that may have had the same problem. It finally did start and run, ran rich though. When I shut it off, same starting problem. Starboard engine was a champ, no problems. Ideas?

    Could be a number of things from a pluged fuel tank vent to a coil.

    One thing that plagues a carbed engine is if it gets gummed up from sitting and the carb float needle and seat is sticking it could cause either rich fuel situation or if stuck closed it will not get enough fuel to continue to run. Then let's say it does finally open it could stick open.

    That is where I would look first. As soon as it dies pump the throttle and look down the carb throat to see if fuel is coming out. When not running of coarse.

    That is where I would look first as its common after lay up but it could be something else.
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      if it was the carb float and needle sticking, what do I do? Carb cleaner?