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    Exhaust Flappers-gctid467333

    Mercruiser Bravo 2 7.4

    Have the flappers been redesighned or do I have the wrong ones. The ones I'm taking out have the hingpin off centered. The new ones are centered ? Also the side I have apart looks fine almost afraid to srew with it.?? The otherside is definetly bad as It come out when I took the outdrive off last fall !



    Having gone through this with my older 470 drive... There are at least two different flappers used on the Alpha and Bravo series and frankly I'm thinking whichever exhaust parts that fit they had on hand they used the appropriate flapper for or something.. Some dealers have a engine serial number lookup to get the right one. If you are using just year/model... there's a 50/50 chance you have the wrong one.

    Anyway... ALL of the different flapper designs are still available. Just make sure you get the one that matches what your took out.
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      Thanks Miles ' Just got the broken one out.... very different! I will replace both!