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Engine mount bolt - serious or not?-gctid465349

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    Engine mount bolt - serious or not?-gctid465349

    I was inspecting the engine on my 195 discovery 2007 and noticed that one of the engine mount bolts seems to have started to come out. I'm not a mechanic, but I'm trying to figure a few things out on my own right now as my mechanic for years passed away this winter. I'm trying to get this thing ready for the season.It looks like one of the rear engine mount bolts is coming out, but I have no idea if this is actually what is occurring. If this is the case, what is the remedy and do you think I could manage this on my own? I've inserted a few images of the bolt.Thanks


    I think that's the bushing separating from the mount. YES, you should have that repaired. It can affect the alignment of the engine to the drive and cause excessive wear of the coupler, u-joints and bearings.

    Probably a pretty inexpensive fix, but definitely needs to get looked at.
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      I agree with Mike.

      These not only control side to side alignment, but they also "check" engine torque.

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        Is this a repair that I could handle. I know how to use a wrench and bolts and could get new spacers, etc

        Thanks a lot for helping


          cant hurt to try at this point. Frist I would see if it will unscrew? you may have to take the weight off that side of the eng first, Get the bad part in our hand then get a new one, there may be a alinement thing also?
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            I assume this is Mercruiser outdrive with the same attachment as my 4.3, looks like it, so the following may be of interest:The rear engine mount(c) "sits" on the inner transom plate(d) separated by the fibre washer(and the lockwasher in the center of the fibre washer)The fibre washer is critical to alignment.You can't remove these items without lifting the rear of the engine a bit.(but you don't need to)The bolt(e) can be removed, along with the spacer, there is no bushing as such and needs to be torqued down.The end of the bolt extends slightly beyond (d) through a nut and can get surface rust making it difficult to remove(worth doing occasionally so that you can remove them if you have to pull the motor)The bolt and its washer sit proud of the rear engine mount.Not much to go wrong really, just wondering why your picture appears to show more(?) than just the metal spacer.How does it compare with the other side?Suggest you remove bolt washer and spacer, have a look what else is there(?-if anything) replace and retorque.Try not to let the bottom nut fall out, see below.I presume the whole arrangement is designed to locate the rear of the engine with the transom plate but allow a little movement for the front engine mounts to adjust the vertical alignment.RegardsPeteJust found this:



              Thanks Pete

              Apparently the bolt in my picture IS the way it's supposed to be. The spacer is keeping the top of the bolt from being flush with the mount. All seems well then.