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    Out drive oil-gctid355369

    First let me say thank you to all. I'm new to boating and have found this site invaluable. I have another question about gear lube. Do I have to use Mercruser Lube or will another name brand be ok?

    WELCOME! In order to give an pinion, we need to know more about your boat and systems. Take a minute and add a signature to your profile, as mine is. State what type boat, engine and drive you have and then the answers may be more accurate. I know if you had an older Volvo Drive, I woudl be telling you to use GL% gear lube if a 280.290 DP, or straight 30W or 40W if a single prop. However, do you have a Merc, OMC or VP drive?
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      Think about this:

      When an engineer designs a product, be it a drive, engine, or whatver, which will need lubrication, they will test different lubes to prevent failure in the drive. If the lube fails, the drive will habe to be replaced at their expense.

      After finding a specific lube, they will buy it in bulk and private label it. Yes, it cost more, because they need to make a profit.

      By using the recommended stuff, you know it will do the job. That is, unless you are a lubrication engineer and are smarter.....

      As far as aftermarket stuff where they say "its the same thing" or "ours is better"....What do you expect them to say? Their products are inferior?

      I am an engineer, and use the merc stuff. hey, you only change it once a year, whats $5-10 extra?
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        If I had a Merc, I'd use the Merc stuff, I have an OMC, my mechanic likes the Merc stuff, so that's what I use in the Cobra, much easier to find than the OMC Hi Vis and works just fine. Been running it for 8 years now....
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