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Exhaust Elbows on 5.7-gctid355326

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    Exhaust Elbows on 5.7-gctid355326

    Hi, On my engines, The Manifolds and Risers are like new having been replaced within the last year by the previous owner. Unfortunately the over all look of the engine room is let down by the exhaust elbows, where the paint is now lifting and pealing off due to the electrolysis happening underneath. My question: What do you normally do in a case like this, remove clean up and repaint ? or replace ?



    I think I'd be replacing them. I'm surprised the PO didn't do it when he did the manifolds and risers. Maybe he was trying to save money, but the next thing to go bad will be the elbows simply due to corrosion. I don't think doing just the elbows would be all that expensive, then you would know that all the components would be about the same age and about when they all might need replacement again.
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