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How do I remove this bilge pump-gctid353964

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  • How do I remove this bilge pump-gctid353964

    For the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove this bilge pump. It actually feels like its top is touching the bottom of the oil pan.How do I get it out, without using a hammer that is! LOL.




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    Looks like it was just wedged in, try and pull it out.

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      I was going to sugest a blade of a bow saw or a blade of a reciprocating capri had a situation very close to that....had only 2 screws holding it didnt took too long


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        I like the hammer idea. It'd be worth it just to vent the frustrations of someone mounting it like that.
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          Good grief.

          I would give it a good yank and see if it is just wedged in there.

          If that didn't work I would twist it to remove it.
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            Assuming the pump is inoperative, and you got pretty good access to it, I would also try to yank it out. If all else fails, get a BIG hammer!

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              With that type of pump the strainer base is screwd to the hull and then the pump body is snapped onto the strainer base. You are not going to get it out as it went in without removing the engine.

              If you measure carefully you could just cut a circle around it from underneath and drop it out. Sorry I could not resist.

              Short of that you could just abandon it in place. Cut off the hose and wiring and install a new pump in an accessable location.

              Maybe you could use the hose to twist the pump off.

              Or use a short piece of 2 x 4 and a hammer to snap the pump off.
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                  You could remove the two lag bolts on each motor mount on the stringers and jack the front end of the engine enough to get clearance..that way you wouldn't upset the drive alignment from where it is now. It's also possible that you have a little settling going on due to rot in the stringers. You'll know when you pull the lag bolts.


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                    I would be curious as to how it was installed in that position the first place. Either the engine was out of the boat when it was installed or the engine was lifted when it was installed. The other possibility is that at one time there was enough room between the oil pan and pump to intstall the pump in that location and the engine has somehow shifted positons after the original installation. I would like one of the previous replies check the engine mounts and stringers. If they were ok I would take a large screwdriver and force it through any openings in the pump and carefully break it out in pieces. I would be carefull about using too much uncontrolled force in the event that the oil pan were rusted and in that area. You could wind up changing your oil using a very unconventional method.


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                      It doesn't work the pump ?

                      The top of the pump screws off and you have to pull it up and out of the bottom. The bottom is screwed down.

                      Reach in and just yank the whole business out.

                      Get another pump that had a lower profile, and make sure the mounting surface is clean. Glue the new one to the same mount as the old one.

                      5200 will do.
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                        It's the "bigger hammer" approach .....:hammer

                        Something is obviously not right here, and it may extend to more than just the pump being jammed under the oil pan. I'd be curious as to "why?"


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                          It does look like the water level have been pretty high in there in the past. Looks like oil has floated all the way up into the bilge fan duct?
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                            well..that looks like an original pump which means that it was installed at installation before the engine was installed....the only way to get that one out as said was either pull the engine or just bang it out.....

                            I installed another one at the fwd end of the engine bay....

                            :arr arrr


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                              My bilge pump was installed the same way.

                              The base of the pump is screwed down; the pump itself is a snap fit to the base. If it isn't working or you're going to remove it anyway, you don't have to be concerned about damaging it. The top should snap free of the base when you tilt it. If you poke around, you should be able to find the two tabs that secure the two parts. Once you get the top off, it will take another hour or more with a short screw driver to remove the base. A good project for a multi-tool: cutting the screws to release the base.

                              I wasn't thinking when I replaced my original pump with a larger capacity one, and I mounted it in the same place. I was almost done wiring it when I realized the next replacement would be another all day job.
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