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LiFePo battery upgrade

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    The BMS cannot control the alternator output, it can however disconnect the alternator abruptly which is not good for the alternator either and is another reason you should go with a DC to DC charger.
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      So we've decided to upgrade to the 200ah battery replacing the singular 8D. I'm hoping this is enough given we have 200W and 11amps of solar (potential). thinking of doubling that as well. The reason I hold back on it is that we have the electric stove and coffee maker, so inevitably we run the genny every morning. The panels are more to "run the genny less". Also, it seems the windlass runs on the house, and we've run out of power on that before, so hoping the bigger power bank will eliminate that.


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        Some 8D batteries are capable of 350ah, that being the case you are not upgrading by much with a 200ah lithium. Then again some are rated at 250ah so yes a small increase in capacity will be had. A 200 vs 300 AH Lifepo4 is the same size with just more cells packed into the case and not all that much more. They even have 400ah units in the same case available. I would definitely go for the 300ah version for a good increase in capacity. Here is an example.