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How far below skag/pad?

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    Originally posted by smitty477 View Post

    I do not know about how this will work out on your tri hull boat. Perhaps there are forums where these topics come up specifically for these hulls - maybe a search will yield something.
    I have tried looking everywhere and can't find anything .. I'm in a couple Facebook groups where people own this rendezvous boat style and really haven't got a real answer. What I'm going to try is line up my capitation plate with the bottom of my transom and then do trial and error by lowering the motor until I get a Max performance out of it because right now my shaft is way far in the water and when I try to trim up my motor has to trim so far up because I'm so far in the water that all I'm doing is plowing through the water and by time it turns up I'm not getting Max performance out of my trim because my lower unit is at such a crazy angle. so unfortunately it's going to have to be a trial and error type of thing I have a Jack plate I'm installing this coming week I got 6 in to play with so we'll see. Once I'm done though I'm going to post it all over the Internet to help somebody lol