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Origo 4300 E stovetop

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    Origo 4300 E stovetop


    I have an 2452 with an Origo 4300 E stove top in it. I cannot get it to turn on. Saying that, I’m not even positive how to turn it on!!!!

    I have checked the panel and there is power going to switch and leaving the switch to the stovetop.

    Attached is a picture of the stovetop.



    Looks like the control panel has lots of damage. 1st make sure you have power to the unit which you did.. The lid has to be up all the way and as I recall the center hole turns the stove on and then you press the + or - to control the heat for each side.
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      More than likely it's the electronic control panel that's gone....A replacement control unit is extremely expensive.....I scrapped the electronic controls and installed 2 infinite electric stove hotplate switches and indicator led,s . It works and looks fix too!


        Some of these stoves have a spring-loaded safety switch on top. It's a small plunger that pops up through a hole. It's there to prevent the stove from being turned on with the cover over it. The stove on my previous boat had a switch that would stick in the retracted position, and would not allow the stove to turn on. I fixed it with some electrical contact clener. I can't tell from the photo if your stove has this switch.
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          It looks like your buttons are still there. Once you power on the stove at the breaker panel, push the front left or right (I forgot which one) to unlock the unit. Then the plus buttons will power the burners and light the red leds to show your low-med-high setting. The other front button powers the burners off.
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