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1998 2855 Windlass-gctid351738

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    1998 2855 Windlass-gctid351738

    First, this post is going to be light on details - because i don't know the details (yet). That being said, I hope you can help me.

    My Boat came with a windlass, its white and that's about as much detail as I have. It works moderately well.

    My question: It will reel in the anchor rope well, works well even under considerable load - but it stops with about 5' of rope remaining. Now, I don't use chain, no need for it on my river, but I would like to go to a longer rope. I currently have 150" and would like 200' My worry is that if i add a longer rope, it will stop at the same point and i'll have 55' of line hanging out.

    I have had the side off the unit - looks pretty standard and i suspect that this was a factory option that year. Does anyone have a manual, or some info so I can adjust? I'd hate to replace it...

    Thanks for all your help!

    I'll see if i can post a picture of the unit...

    I believe the brand is PowerWinch...if that helps....I can't find an owners manual for it, not sure what the model number is either...