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Interesting Oil Wipe Towel

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    Interesting Oil Wipe Towel

    I know paper towels soak up oil but I have not seen a specific designed for it. Anyways take a look at this video and you’ll see a cheap way for soaking it up if your bilge gets funky

    FWIW, I found “Oil Pigs” to work better for me.
    I bought a 75’ roll of it that finally ran out after three years and immediately bought a new one. I keep a strip of them under the engines and keep a couple folded in the keel.
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      Driz, this appears to be the same absorbants found at most marine fueling stations to clean minor diesel spills. I do use these under both of my engines to 1. Catch any oil, 2 Since they’re white any new oil leak is quickly indentified.
      Jim Gandee
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        these have been around for years and can be purchased at almost any autoparts store or anywhere they sell oil.... oil absorbent pads, sometimes also called oil diapers.

        take 2 or 3 of them and roll them loosely into a small tube, and secure it with string and throw it in the bilge.... any oil drips will be absorbed into the pad rather than being spread around the bilge

        a person can buy the rolled pads at the marine store for the same purpose (throwing in the bilge), but at 15-25 dollars for 2 or 3 rolled pads, ( ) if you were to buy a whole package (100 pcs.) for 30-35 dollars, you could roll your own "pigs" at a cost of about a dollar.... which makes you feel better about changing them out more often...

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