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New Gauges For Old Bayliner

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    New Gauges For Old Bayliner

    Can anybody tell me where I can find gauges to replace the old ones on a 1984 Bayliner Capri (w/ 4cyl. engine)? I'd like to replace all of them - tachometer, speedometer, fuel, volts,temp & oil pressure. Thanks.

    Here’s one option, there are others.
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      Thanks. I was hoping there might be some exact correct replacement available but it looks like I will have to choose some aftermarket gauges.


        Have you tried Great Lakes Skipper? They seem to have a lot of older style gauges in stock.
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          I wound up going with a set of Faria Gauges. Faria "Chesapeake" SS 6-Gauge set. They were a perfect match for my old gauges, plugged right in! Everything works. I actually ordered these from Amazon as they offered the lowest price and fastest delivery. Thanks to all your input tho.


            New gauges really make the boat “your own”...I swapped out my OEM tach for one that has an hour meter. I also swapped out the the white light bulbs with blue LED’s and just added the GPS speedo, which is a close match to the other gauges this past summer as my speedo never worked.. Click image for larger version

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