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Used Bravo III price?

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  • Centerline2
    it depends on if you are getting only the drive unit, or all the other components with it (transom shield, gimbal housing, ect)

    the prices vary from one seller to the next and from one part of the country to another.... I would say 4000 is an average price for a usable "used" B-III, without the other mounting pieces... im sure you can find one cheaper if you search the internet, but you will also find those that the seller is asking a lot more for....

    and because its HIS outdrive, I would suggest that you let him set a price and you negotiate from there... if he is a good trusted friend, he should offer it to you at a fair price... if you dont like the price he throws at you, you can counter with a little less.

    if you feel the need to open the bidding, you could offer top "used" market price and see if he takes it... or lowball him and see what happens.... personally. I like to deal fair, and only the seller knows what he needs to get from the item to feel satisfied, so its only fair that he post a price so people know where he is at on it... then you can counter a bit to make a deal so you can feel satisfied with the deal too...

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  • tdcooper99
    started a topic Used Bravo III price?

    Used Bravo III price?

    Hi all, I may have an opportunity to purchase a used Bravo 3 complete unit from a trusted friend... a marine mechanic who I know maintains his gear meticulously and I know the history of the drive. I can't seem to find enough used Bravo 3's for sale online to come up with a reasonable benchmark price to offer him. Anyone have an approximate idea what kind of range of value these might be worth?