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Trim Tabs on 1903 Trophy CC

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    Trim Tabs on 1903 Trophy CC

    Has anybody installed these on the trophy. If so, what brand did you use? I have a Force 120 Hp engine and it is a dog to get and maintain plane.

    with the outboards on a smaller boat like that, the hydofins that mount to the anti-cav plate of the engine work great, and LOT less money....

    the 120 should pop it up on plane very quickly if its trimmed in/down as it should be for the best lift, then once on plane, the trim can be adjusted for speed and economy.. the fins on the motor will nearly double the amount of reaction you currently have with just the motor alone....

    trim tabs can be installed on smaller boats, but except in certain circumstances, the hydrofins work very well.... either style trim tabs or hydrofin still needs to be trimmed on the fly unless you get the spring loaded automatic type, which Im not a fan of because on a smaller boat, the added fin on the anti-cav plate can be adjusted on-the-fly to meet the demand.

    hydro-fin is a brand name I believe, of which im not endorsing as being any better than another brand as any of them will improve your lift a lot..

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      I have a Trophy 1802 that had a similar issue. I found this site, and it described the issue I had. I purchased the same tabs as the ones used on this site and installed them 3 weeks ago. I set mine at the default settings and took the boat out. The results were immediately noticed. The boat gets right on plane and I now have speed control between 9 - 17 mph.