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What is S4 chain and is there an alternative?-gctid417487

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    What is S4 chain and is there an alternative?-gctid417487

    My rode is not the right size for the gypsy on the windlass. The specs on the Lewmar site say:

    10mm DIN 766, Campbell 3/8" S4

    The only S4 I could find is stainless at $30/foot! The rode and chain I have are 1/2" line and 1/4" chain, probably BBB. They gypsy isn't cheap either, so whatever I do to fix this is going to cost a bit. I'd rather replace the rode I think since it's the wear item in this scenario anyway.

    1?2" new england rope is a good choice, my 600' I purchased about 1995, still looks good.

    Chain number I do not know, go online and find a major chain dealer and call for expert info, you could call the manf. of the gypsy.

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      Carlos, I think you answered your own question. The only reference I see to S4 chain is for stainless, high strength chain that is way expensive.


        Agreed - if you want stainless (S4) - it's going to cost. It's strong chain though (equivalent to High Tension)

        G4 is "high test" or a solid "medium" strength chain (stronger than BB) , but galvanized. And it's a WHOLE lot cheaper!
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          According to the nice folks at Suncor Stainless: (Here's a link to Suncor showing their part number for 3/8" DIN 766.

          --- DIN 766 is a European standard that corresponds very closely to BBB. 10mm is very close to 3/8".

          --- S4 is a stainless load specification that corresponds to G4 (grade 40) for non stainless chain.

          --- Campbell is the same as ACCO chain. It's made by the Peerless Industrial Group.

          Soyou could probably use hot dipped 3/8" BBB G4. G4 might be overkill for a 30' boat.

          But if you're only buying a leader for the rope rode, stainless chain is very nice to have on deck. Or put a 20' stainless leader on your galvanized chain attached with a flush pin shackle (Suncor).

          It's also a really good idea when buying a lot of chain to buy a short piece and test it in your windlass before getting a barrel of the stuff.
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            I called Lewmar for support, they were very helpful.


              I sent an e-mail to Lewmar just after posting here. He replied about 15 minutes later with some questions. I gave detailed answers and he immediately replied with the solution. Very very impressive support (not just on this, but many past times I've contacted them).

              The 002 gypsy will handle a 5/16" G4 chain and a 5/8" Medium Lay Three

              Strand Line.


              Lewmar Marine, Inc.

              Overkill for my boat, but it's what will fit the gypsy correctly.