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Bayliner 2655 ciera overheating.-gctid350111

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    Bayliner 2655 ciera overheating.-gctid350111

    Picked up my 1997 2655 ciera yesterday. Cruised at about 24 knots for about 8-10 kms went great. Today got on sorted everything out started on my way... All good temp sitting at about 80 degrees celcius. Then after about 10-12 kms the temp jumps to 120 degrees C. Alarm sounds. Back power off to stop and temp goes straight down. Power back up slightly and gauge rises again. Stop in the channel as I start loosing power and drop anchor. Turned motor off and sat on anchor for about half hour and engine failed to start. Ended up getting tow back to marina by marine rescue. Back at marina engine turned straight over. But temp still high.

    My guess is impella. This was changed twice recently second change done free by mechanic as was the day owner collected vessel from mechanic. So second impella is about 10 months old.

    My question for the more mechanically minded folk. What else could I be looking at that would cause this sudden overheat? And if it is the impella why would the impella be repeatedly failing?

    Further the fuel gauge was showing half tank yesterday after 80 litre top up. This morning I noticed that it was below empty and did not move. Seem to work fine yesterday.

    Have also notice there seems to be dampness in the cabin carpet. I think this may be from condensation when the cabin is locked up. Is there anywhere else that water enters in the cieras?

    And for any Aussies owners out there, where can I get spare parts for this boat?

    Thanks in advance everyone!!!!!!

    What drive do you have ? Alpha 1 Or Bravo II or III. Not how to speak to your water pump impeller failing. Improper installation or picking up too much sand causing it to fail??? Are you sure its the impeller each time? Engine block water pump ? Check t-stat also. Engine temp 365 days out of the year should be 165*C-175*C max!! Not 80*C !!! Over heating also can be caused by bad manifolds and risers. Do you have rust stains weeping down from where the riser meets the manifolds? Are the risers cold or too hot to touch?

    As far as the wet carpet I doubt very much its humidity or condensation unless you are in the Amazon Rain Forrest. Sounds like you have a leak somewhere. Check the foredeck hatch for cracks and check the gasket around the inside of hatch. As far as you gas gauge not working all of a sudden make sure the sending wire is still connected at the tank. Maybe it got knocked off my you or the mechanic. If not it sounds like the sending unit inside tank just quit. $17.00 part.
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      Need more info!

      Pump: Which drive... A drive or B drive?

      Cooling: Open system, or Closed Cooling system?

      Exhaust: When were the risers last pulled and the sea water transfer ports looked at (if RWC or Half CCS)?
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        Once you determine the drive type and cooling system you have you need to develope a process of elimination list starting with the basics and progressing to the most difficult (and usually expensive). Basics include items such as thermometer, impeller and if closed cooling, is thereenough anti-freeze. Progressing to items such as water pump, maniforld and risers etc.
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          Thanks people.

          Running a mercruiser 5.7 litre bravo II. Raw seawater cooled.

          Mechanic looking at it today. Fingers crossed.


            Did the mechanic fix your overheating problem? What was causing the overheating? I am having the same problem with my engine..