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Ciera 2455 water leak

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    Ciera 2455 water leak

    I have a 2001 Ciera 2455 with the 5.0 engine and Alpha Gen 2 drive.

    My issue is that water enters somewhere and gets trapped in an area on the starboard side below the head and the seat compartment that is in front of the head. Water eventually starts seaping into the compartment below that port side seat and cushion and the carpet on the raised floor gets wet, while the center sump pump and the area around it in the bottom of the boat remains dry. The water gets trapped somewhere and does not flow down to the center sump pump.

    I have no idea where this water is coming from and where, and why it gets trapped. While sitting in the dock for the season, it eventually causes the boat to lean over to the starboard side by almost half a foot, because of the volume of trapped water. When I take it out of the water and raise the front of the trailer by up to 4 feet, the trapped water gets released and is pumped out by the center sump pump under the steps into the cabin - and it is a very large amount of water that got released and pumped out.

    I removed the steps and used pipe to push it up through all the drain holes in the rafters I can reach from there, and nothing seems to be blocked. I also unscrewed the drain cover in the floor of the head and it appears to be completely dry right below it where I can see and reach through that hole.

    I also reached out to Bayliner to see whether they have any drawings or blueprints in order to determine whether there is a compartment at that level (higher than the floor inside the cabin) in the area behind that seat compartment on the port side. Unfortunately they told me that they do not, and they do not have any employee that would even still know the layout of this model boat.

    This past season I stripped the console and resealed the complete rubrail and windows in an effort to maybe stop water from entering, but I could not identify the location of the water getting in there in the first place and I could not stop this as I had the same situation this season.

    I got the boat 3 years ago, and had it in the water for 2 seasons so far, and this nightmare happened both seasons.

    My plan this year was to pull the toilet in the head and see if I can strip/open the floor to see if I can find the area where the water gets trapped and from there see if I can travel the source of where it is coming in. There is also a pipe leading to the head from the aft seacock, but without opening the floor there or lifting the flush toilet, I could not identify a visible leak.

    Does anyone have some advice or maybe the same issue or an idea what is going on in that area of the boat?

    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated to help solve the mystery. It already cost me a lot of money to pay a marina workshop to take a look the first season, with no success.

    I do not have A/C so that cannot be the source of the water.



    Approximately how much water gets pumped out and/or drained when your on the boat ramp (on the trailer)?

    I would get a endoscope inspection camera to get a better view of what's happening in the front bilge.
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      I did not measure, but it is quite a few gallons. I am going to try that. Thanks for the advice.