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  • Use zinc diaper cream on metal-gctid349435

    A few people I know use zinc diaper cream like Penaten and rub it on the leg, prop, and trim tabs to prevent growth and corotion. I did it for 1 season but I pull my boat after each use so the most it stayed in the salt water was a week. Any one here use this prevention method? I know this will leave me open to comments about babying my boat, LOL.

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    Can't say I have ever heard of that.

    Are you by any chance related to the guy that used Vasoline on his gelcoat ?
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      Yes - Penaten has the longest lasting effect of any of the zinc creams that we are aware of. In the Northeast where we boat in salt water it is good for about the 1st 8-10 weeks in the water. Unfortuneatly it is impossible to re-apply in the water (don't ask) but we have been doing this going on 10 years now. A long while back we had posted quite a detailed study conducted over a few years on many different potential anti-growth substances I will see if I can look it up again - penaten did quite well in that one as well.

      Hope this helps
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        I also heard teflon grease on the props works well. Also a black Sharpie marker, but who the hell wants to do that to your nice SS props.

        Never tried the grease trick, though. Maybe I'll give it a shot this Spring....barnacles were NASTY last year....

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          One of many links you can find....

          Hope this helps
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            I'm thinking this probably works. I went thru four kids and used this stuff regularly..... never saw any barnacles on their behinds!


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              A few years back, we were using anhydrous lanolin on the legs and tabs and it worked great. Bought it in a 5 lb. tub and just smeared it on. The lanolin in your diaper cream is the likely ingredient that is providing the antigrowth benefits, but it's likely not anhydrous lanolin. The anhydrous variety absorbs the water (at least that's the way it was explained to me) rather than getter washed off by the water. You should be able to find tubs of it online and it's likely a lot cheaper than diaper cream.


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                I was going to comment on the Anhydrous Lanolin also. Used it and wrote here about several years ago. It works well to control the growth and stays put like nothin' on earth. Best to heat it first to make it kinda like honey because as soon as it contacts the cold leg it goes very waxy.



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                  Now my post to clarify Jeffs post is gone!? Huh?

                  Ok, I'll try again, but Jeff's post was about a similar zinc oxide cream that is 16% zinc oxide, which is relevant to the original posters question.

                  Here's the link again:

                  Is that name really that offensive? If the mod deleted it can you tell me why?

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                    Somebody rubbed diaper cream on my post too . . . .


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                      Two more of my posts deleted. Whoever is doing this needs help. I have posted nothing illegal, off-color or otherwise offensive or against the rules. I have received no warnings, PMs or explanations. Somebody is out of control.
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                        I am looking into this.


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                            Since the offending material has been removed, the thread will be kept open for now. It has some good info in it.
                            Doug ;}
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                              Doug, if someone thinks they have done no wrong but a thread gets deleted, something is badly wrong.

                              Some where, some how the rules are not clear don't you think? More so when the boss says it is offending.

                              I have noticed some threads of mine removed also. I didn't say anything but I think we need some clearer directions here.
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