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    Hi guys, just bought a 265, we have our boat on freshwater loch, would like to use our boat through the winter, can anyone tell me what I need to do to keep my boat safe through winter, seen something about "winterising" but haven't a clue what this means, is this something that the marina can do for us?............thanks.

    Hi, winterizing is when you clear the water out of all your systems so tehy dont freeze. If water freezes in your engines you ill crack the block and destroy the engine. The same goes with any other systems that flow fresh water through them. There are certain ways to drain the engine, water tanks, etc. You will want to know how to do this or ensure its being done by someone who does.

    Your marina or local mechanic should be able to take care of this for you. YOu will want to research this, its nothing to put aside for another day and MUST be done unless you want to throw thousands of dollars at new parts.

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      Unless it doesn't freeze where you live. I have no idea where freshwater loch is.


        little more info would would help us to answer you

        What area will you be boating?

        Will boat be stored in water or out.

        How ofter in winter will it get used

        How close to boat do you live

        Here in NorthWest some of us boat most of the year and only have to take be a little careful to protect boat from damages when cold spells are coming but in other part of country you have many more issues to deal with.


          Guys , Guys

          "freshwater loch" is a Freshwater lake on this side of the Atlantic.

          So I am assuming the poster is in Scotland or maybe Ireland ?


          If during your winter temperatures drop before 0 C you will need to winterize. If you plan to use the boat on warm days and let it sit when below 0C you would need to again winterize.

          If the loch freezes during the winter the boat would be stored on land during the winter.

          In our area ( Michigan , US ) once we winterize the boat is out of the water and in storage on land until the spring thaw.
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