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    Bravo III lube leak-gctid349023

    Not sure how unhappy I will be when I have this checked out, break it to me slowly please. When at the boat the other day changing anodes on drive, I tilted it to get access and when I did I noticed some gear lube leaking out the cooling intake holes in the drive. Went into engine compartment and checked the reservoir for drive to find it a few ounces low. I was planing on having the impeller changed before the season starts anyway, and am hoping this is indicative of an o-ring seal somewhere in that vicinity. Yes....? Go easy on me!

    I can't help you with the lube oil leak off the top of my head. But don't go looking for an impeller inside the drive. There isn't one in a Bravo III.


      pressure test the drive.
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        I just went through what sounds like a similiar issue. The rubber hose that connects to the bottom of the lube reservor goes down into the outdrive about 8 inches and connects to a nipple. In my case the hose at the nipple end just rotten since 1993 and $8.00 of hose had to be replaced. However, the outdrive must come off the boat to have this work done. In my case, the boat was in a slip and $700 later, it was a simple fix.
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          You might be lucky and the hose is leaking at the drive connector. It is a simple twist lock connection and might be leaking there and running down into the water intake holes. If that is the case you can trim a small amount of hose. If it is the other end and you have to remove the drive have then also check the alignment.