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    Ciera 2355 transom seat mod.-gctid406867

    Hello everybody,

    My plan for the coming winter, improve the seating layout of my 1996 2355 ciera. I quite like the later model transom bench, but cannot seem to find plans for it, or the parts to buy. Has anybody undertaken such a modification ? Is the basic transom construction of the earlier models and the later models similar ? Do-able ?

    I have access to carpenters, upholsterers and craftsmen, so the task would be (hopefully) easier than if I were to do it alone :-)

    Better still, anyone knows of where I could get a good used back bench from a 1998 (ish) rear bench ?

    I am referring to the fold up bench here, not the backward facing slide out bench.

    I wold have to relocate the shower and possibly the main switch for this I guess, but that is not too hard to do... I hope.



    Ps I promise a nice before/after report if it works out !

    There was a Swedish guy who asked about cockpit seating for a 1997+ 2355 a month or so ago. I emailed Bayliner and they said they can not get any cockpit seat parts for the older Bayliners (I take that to mean any that are out of production). I would also think the chance of finding a transom seat from a salvage boat would be very slim. Your best odds are to find someone that has this boat and ask to take pictures and measurements of their seat so you can reverse engineer it.

    There is a place called Canvas Plus that makes the seat skins, but they don't make the seat foam or any other seat parts.


      Thanks Kåre

      I'll Look into that !


        If you get any information could you please post it. I have been contemplating doing this since I got my 2455 a couple of years ago. I have the little butt pad in the stern.
        Bill and Janice
        Chatham, Ontario, Canada
        1988 2455 Ciera