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Small portable generator in engine or no?-gctid405642

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    Small portable generator in engine or no?-gctid405642

    Hey guys...owner of a 1986 Bayliner Cierra 2755 here. Safety related question:

    I've got a small (900 watt) portable 2-stroke generator that would fit nicely on the empty left side of the engine bay beside the hot water heater. (This is one of the cheap $120 Harbor Freight models and it works really well given the price). It would be quite useful for charging the batteries without running the main engine if needed while on the water, or possibly a few other electrical needs.

    How could I run this safely in the engine bay?

    1) Simply run the engine bay blower to vent the exhaust...would this be safe enough? Also, will this generate enough airflow to keep the air-cooled 2-stroke engine from overheating?

    2) I could add a 2nd blower close to the generator exhaust and actually powered by the generator to vent it better...would this be acceptably safe?

    3) Or, would I really need to install some direct exhaust venting to insure it's safe?

    4) Or, is this just a bad idea in general? :arr There are of course marine generators, but they are expensive...what separates a dedicated marine generator from a simple portable generator like this one?

    I really don't want to create a situation where there's a fire hazard or any risk of an explosion from gasoline fumes, etc.

    How could I add this safely to the engine bay?



    davesisk wrote:

    4) Or, is this just a bad idea in general?
    There will be some heated responses on your question. Get your Nomex on!

    It's a bad idea, in general. Non-marine equipment lacks the spark protection needed in gasoline engine spaces.


      The good thing about those generators is that the fuel tank is a nice flat area to keep your candle to illuminate the engine room while refueling.


        do not run a generator that isnt specifically built for marine generator use in your engine bay.

        Storing a SEALED generator is ok, but do not try to run a regular generator in the engine bay, that would be bad.

        marine generator exhaust is water cooled, there is one of the biggest reasons besides the fact that it has non spark components on it like your engine. If you simple run a generator in the engine bay, you will die from the exhaust.



          OP, please do a search of the forums before asking something like this that you know deep down inside is not a good thing to do... let me ask it another way...

          would you be OK with storing a completely sealed can of gas in the engine bay??? :worth
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            The simple answer is no, under no circumstances is that safe.
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              #4 A bad idea.

              Marine Generators are:

              Water Cooled

              Ignition Protected

              Designed for a Wet Exhaust and to exhaust outside of the boat
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                I vote #4. VERY BAD IDEA.



                  I thought this was a joke.......


                    The guy just asked a question. What's with all the face palms?

          , it isn't safe for the facts stated in the above posts.


                      Strap it to the swim platform and run it all you want in the open. I'm curious how many run hours you get out of that unit post back.
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                        I was looking at those the other day. They were on sale for $120 but the sale ended that day.

                        What do you use it to power up?

                        Not sure if I need it on my Bayliner, but on the party barge it might be nice.

                        I would be worried about that thing backfiring in your engine compartment, and if you have gas vapors in there, that wouldn't be a good thing. And it would get to hot because of the lack of air circulation and the air in there that is already preheated by the other engine.


                          I ran mine on the top of the transom.

                          To give you an idea, even with the rear curtain closed and the hatch closed it sets off the c02 moniter within a few minutes.

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                            lol !! :d