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    2556 sling points weak gunnels-gctid405537

    hi all has anyone out there with a 2556 ever watched there vesel lifted with slings, my rear sling point seem to squash the gunnels. there is alot of flex in my gunnels and i understand that the 454 7.4l mercruiser is very heavy but is this normal or would i need to strengthen my gunnels with a couple of dog legs and glass work.

    any advise would be appreciated kind regards mick

    91 2556

    7.4 b2

    There's nothing wrong with your gunnels. The lifting strap needed to be widened on the lift or shortened more to put less pressure on your gunnels. Think about this: Suppose your boat was only half as wide. What would the pressure now be like on your gunnels? The straps probably wouldn't even hit the sides. But if your boat was wider, think of the even more pressure on your gunnels. Your problem is either an operator that doesn't know what he is doing, or the lift rig just doesn't fit your boat. It's easy to see a boat that has been lifted like this incorrectly as there is commonly cracking in the fiberglass at the gunnels.


    Pugetsoundog (woof)


      interesting how few opinions there are of this topic, maybe i have a lemon

      regards mick


        I think Pugetsoundog is right I had the hand rail broken on my 2550 because the lift was set for boats with a narrow beam. Also the closer to transom and bulk heads the less it will flex. One marina told they couldn't lift mine because of wide beam.