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    tilt and trim-gctid405457

    I have acquired a 1987 bayliner 1750 Capri I/O with the 2.3 omc ,

    when I hit the switch for the tilt and trim, all I got was a clicking noise on the solenoid so I jumped from the switch post to the output trim post, and it moved but now when I try it I get nothing no click or anything, is there a fuse inline on the switch wires that I would have shorted? Dont know what to do? Any help would be great thanks.

    I do have a manual, but it doesnt really say anything about the 2.3 omc .


      There are 2 fuses in holders that pass thru a plate starboard side. They are held together by a spring clip one clip per fuse holder.

      Remove the battery cables off the battery before you mess with the fuses. The fuses can be had at radio shack.
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