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Cobra whining and list to STBD-gctid405338

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    Cobra whining and list to STBD-gctid405338

    Hi Folks,

    So I took the boat out today so my kids could go fishin'. All went well until i opened her up. Hit about 3500 rpm and all of a sudden the Outdrive started making this whining noise. More throttle, higher pitch whining. Less throttle less of a whining. Any thoughts? I was about 5 miles out so i took it slowly into port. She made it in no problems. When she is in neutral, no whining at all so I believe its the OD and not the engine. COuld it be gear oil is low? Is there a gimbal bearing in a cobra OD like the Alpha one drives have? Could it be that? Where should I look first?

    Also, I noticed that if I am cruising say under 2500 rpm (15knts or so) the boat is fairly level but as soon as I jump up to 18+ knts I have a serious stbd list. I tried to use the levelers but it didnt help. I was draggin my bumper on that side (didnt notice until i put into port) but could the bumper seriously cause a 15 deg list to stbd just by dragging?



    You were dragging a car bumper, that would cause a list... Haha could not resist, pet peeve. Its a fender.


    That is an odd situation, I look forward to others feedback. Good luck.


      Belive me, the way I drive a boat, ITS A BUMPER! lol