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Trophy 2002f upholstered sides-gctid405044

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    Trophy 2002f upholstered sides-gctid405044

    If anyone has removed these upholstered sides on the wall where the controls are mounted, please advise the easiest way of removing tthem.

    Is the fiberglass gel coated under these pads?

    Thanks from walter

    If you look in the pleats there should be screws. under them should be opening to access wiring and plumbing.
    Boatless at this time

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      Let me know what you find out. I'd like to remove mine.


        Sometimes you find "snap caps" hiding the screws:


          On my 2000 trophy 2002 FF You remove the access panel behind the controls and reach inside. On the back side you remove nuts from studs and the entire panel comes off. You also need to remove nuts through the cupboard door at the captains feet and the entire upholstered panel comes off complete with the throttle control.

          Hope that answers your question. I may also have taken the speaker out to get better access to the nuts on the back. It's been a few years but I changed my control cables once.

          Good luck