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volvo 275 outdrive will not trim-gctid405001

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    volvo 275 outdrive will not trim-gctid405001

    The outdrive will not go up. The trim motor runs, the red light goes on , and it does not move. When I reverse the switch the motor starts and the light goes out. Anybody know why this is not working.

    If you can hear the electric motor operating, then it's likely that you broke the upper part of the clutch unit.

    That, or the worm gear affair has gone bad.

    See the BOC Vault thread titled "Frequent AQ series Q's and A's" .... there's a link underneath my signature that will take you there.

    I believe that you'll find a few threads linked to, that will help you out.

    Also, remember that this unit is a lift-out unit ONLY..... not a Trim unit!

    And do not operate the electric motor without the micro swtich function. This is how people ruin the clutch unit.

    Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
    2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
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      This exact thing happened to my boat two years ago.

      With help from people on this forum, I removed the tilt mechanism. Apparently, one of the o-rings on the "pushing part" must have leaked as salt water got into the jackscrew. The whole mechanism was rusted rusted rusted solid.

      It took a LOT of persuading to even remove it from the boat. and even more to break free all the parts. Be very very careful when doing this. Some of the parts are "cast" and can be pretty brittle. The parts are absurdly expensive to buy as new. If you do need parts, keep an eye out on ebay. They're there from time to time.

      Then lots of corrision solvent and new lubricant. Still working well two years later.



        2850Bounty wrote:

        And do not operate the electric motor without the micro swtich function. This is how people ruin the clutch unit.

        Good point, the box can come loose and lift off the top of the tilt mechanism and allow it to max out. What I've done on my unit was to eliminate all that stuff, and just put a momentary DPDT toggle in a project box back at the transom so I can watch the drive go up and down.

        Installing a 15amp ATC type auto-reset breaker will kick out if you accidentally overtravel and then reset in a few seconds. Again, some of my customization, not by the book and not for dummies, but it simplifies things and gets rid of alot of failure points(limit switches, relays, and the nest of wiring).