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Trouble starting Mercruiser 3.0L Alpha 1 (Carburated)-gctid404811

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  • Trouble starting Mercruiser 3.0L Alpha 1 (Carburated)-gctid404811

    I have a 2012 Bayliner 175 with a 135 M C/A1 (3.0L) Mercruiser engine (carburated). When the engine is cold (first arrival at the lake) the boat starts perfectly. After the engine has been run for a while (brought up to temperature) and then turned off for 20 minutes, it has trouble starting again requiring priming with the throttle. When it does finally start, we have to keep it revving in neutral for a few minutes, otherwise it will die when we put it into gear. However, if the engine is started immediately after shutting down, it starts fine. The problem only exists when there is a 20 to 30 minute interval of not running. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    When the dealer first delivered the boat, we had trouble starting it cold as well as what I described above. Took it back to the dealer and they corrected the cold starting problem. Just trying to get some opinions from people that possibly have experienced this same thing before I take it back in.

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    I would check your elec. choke and see if it's opening up all the way after engine get to normal temp. also pop off gas cap and see if anything changes. Also do you run your blower when and while driving the boat?? I've noticed this helps the 3.0 in that tight space giving it more air etc...


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      A 2012 boat, I would just take it back let them fix it. Get all the bugs worked out and documented by the dealer before the warranty runs out. Then if it turns out to be a lemon you have recourse.


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        I have owned 3 of these set ups and none of them ever start perfect. there not going to start and run like your car becaues they are low emissions. They run them super lean so it's hard to get best of both worlds (starting cold or hot) . The only true way to fix is to rejet the carb or live with it. That will be the only way to make it perfect.

        Not saying there is any thing wrong with it becaues they make it like that for emissions laws. Me i just did'nt like the way it would start or idle ruff so i removed the jet drilled it little bit reinstalled tested and redrilled(Real small steps with a drill) it 3 times till i was happy. Also you will have to set the air adjustment screw. You do this and it will start and run like your car.


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          For whatever reason my old boat brand new had that issue (2007). I use to hold the throttle wide open as if the engine was flooded and that would get her going. IMO I think it had something to do with the choke. Also had run on issues with that boat after long idles.

          Brand spanking new get her checked out and have them adjust fix while under warranty.