For those who were following my other threads on my solar panel installation this I hope is the final chapter!

To recap I purchased 2 semi-flexible 100 watt panels direct from the manufacture in China. These panels, mounted on a 1.2 mm aluminum sheet were not available in North America yet.

My results were not good. The most I could get out of each panel was about 2 amps, and that was in direct sunlight with the sun at 90 degrees to the panel on a test bed. On the boat I could only get about 3 amps. Each panel was rated at over 5 amps.

I have now removed and installed the traditional Aluminum framed, glass faced panels in the exact same spot but the results are completely different. Yesterday in good sun light with the sun at about 45 degrees to the panels I was getting a solid 7+ amps.

I'm sure it is just an efficiency issue. Unfortunately I will have to bear the costs of experimenting as shipping the panels back to China costs more than they are worth. Also I have a much heavier installation.