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Advice needed on propeller-gctid404087

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    Advice needed on propeller-gctid404087


    Boat- 85 ciera2450 AQ225d 280sp

    Long story short, i spun my old prop, which is stamped with part # C850864. That part number has been changed to 854983, which is a 15" dia. 19pitch left hand rotation...

    So being a frugal fellow, I ordered a MUCH cheaper solas amita 3 e-plus prop with those specs... (btw, the eplus says the large blade design is for large/heavy boats) Unpacking the new prop, I noticed the blades are significantly smaller than the original. I ran it at the lake this weekend and the performance was terrible. The new prop has nowhere near the "bite" of the original and the boats struggles more than usual to get up on plane. Slow speed performance is worse also.

    I guess i'm going to have to just breakdown and buy the OEM replacement and keep this as a spare. Although, there has to be a non-OEM option out there....

    Anyone else had issues like this?

    If you have a similar boat, what prop are you running?

    The cheapest option usually ends up becoming the most expensive option. Stick with Volvo Penta props. They can be found at Marine Parts Express for cheaper than most places. Your size and pitch is pretty common. Keep your eye out on eBay and/or Craig's List. They come about frequently and can be a steal if you can find one in good condition.


      Thank you for the response...I knew being cheap on this would bite me in the a**!

      I have sent the original volvo prop off for a rehub and rebuild and will keep the crappy solas prop for a spare. I had some trouble finding a place that could even rehub my old volvo prop. I guess the hub is glued in place and only a few places even mess with them. Midwest propellers is where I sent it and so far the experience has been great. The guy told me the prop would essentially be like new when rehubbed and rebuilt. For half the cost of a new volvo prop! Sweet!

      I should have the prop back next week.