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    Fix it yourself

    A friend had an impellor go bad in his Bravo (lack of maintenance). Sea tow charged him $250 because he was not a member. I asked him why he did not have a spare, and he said he did not know how to change it. I said if you had the parts I can talk you thru it over a cellphone.

    In my boat my spares include:
    Water pump housing, and extra impellors
    Serpentine belt
    2 cans each of engine and outdrive oils.
    Extra fuel and oil filters
    A friend a while ago traded a gas powered (merc 5.7L A1) on a diesel boat. He gave me his spares for the engine for acting as captain during the delivery:
    Ignition coil; Thunderbolt IV electronic ignition module; distributor cap and sensor (in the distributor).

    I keep a lot of tools aboard, as I do all my own maintenance, as ell as diagrams like the schematic of the ignition and electrical systems.
    Socket set
    set of combination wrenches as well as 3 sizes of adjustable open end wrenches, commonly called Crescent wrenches
    an assortment of screwdrivers
    same with pliers
    and some special tools like filter wrenches and a strap wrench

    My point is: You may be "mechanically" challenged, and I am not putting you down for it, however, someone else may save you a long tow by being able to do it.

    However, that person will need parts and tools.

    As far as belts are concerned, take your present belt to a NAPA or other auto parts store, and they have a device which will allow a generic belt to fit. Put on the new belt, and the old is a spare. Same with water pump impellors. Oil filters are very generic, just look up that year of the boat engine under trucks. The gas filter, I strongly recommend a RACOR spin on. Note: some mercruisers Bravo drives have a plastic water pump housing. They need changing if they get sand in them. The sand gauges the innards. Buy the kit with the housing and impellor. It comes with all the gaskets. The old housing is a spare.

    None of the stuff I mentioned above requires a rocket scientist. Some basic knowledge with parts and tools may save a cruise.
    Captharv 2001 2452
    "When the draft of your boat exceeds the depth of water, you are aground"

    I’m the same way. I do everything but bottom paint.

    But now days not everybody is fortunate (or unfortunate I suppose) to have spent a lifetime fixing electrical and mechanical things.

    My thought is especially as boats get larger, labor requirements go up exponentially. I can not imagine soemone that can afford to take care of a large boat paying labor rates for all the hours I spend tinkering on the boat.



      I’m another one that prefers to do the work myself. If it comes to something that has me stumped, and can’t find it on YouTube University, I don’t mind calling an expert, but I want a true expert like Earl Summerville for my Hinos. I carry more tools than I need at this point because I’m doing a lot of updating and have spare filters, impellers, belts, lights plus screws, bolts, wire and wire connectors. There have been bunches of times I’ve been out with friends and they come over and ask if I have one of those plunger type pickup tools. Nope, I have two.
      The Admiral is after me to not do the buffing and waxing anymore, mainly because of the ladder time. However, one of my sons has harnesses and rolling scaffolding. Sounds easy to me.
      P/C Pete
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      Boating on the Salish Sea since 1948


        Yes I am in the group of fix and repair it, 2nd this forum covers very good DIY instruction, that others can fallow and ask additional questions, better in my opinion the face book is able to due, as Kevin pointed out recently on a Facebook posting, thanks Kevin.
        Slightly modified 2859 6.5 Diesel Bravo III X drive
        96 Dodge 5.9 5 speed Gear vender OD.


          Originally posted by ksanders View Post
          I’m the same way. I do everything but bottom paint.

          as boats get larger, labor requirements go up exponentially. I can not imagine soemone that can afford to take care of a large boat paying labor rates for all the hours tinkering on the boat.
          this is absolutely true... but no matter the size of the boat, OR ones knowledge of DIY maintenance, there is NO EXCUSE for NOT keeping up on the maintnance of a boat if it is expected to bring its crew back home safely...
          if one cant do it themselves, they need to find someone who can, and pay accordingly... ita not just a part of good seamanship and being a responsible boat owner, but its a safety issue.
          Depending on where one is boating or what type of problem the vessel develops,when the boat breaks down it could quickly become a life threatening emergency.

          but with that said, even the best kept and well maintained boat can break down unexpectedly.... but the better the preventive maintenance is kept up on, the more LUCK one will have in it NOT breaking down on them....

          I have very little respect for an owner of a boat who carelessley or purposefully defers maintenance UNTIL it actually breaks down... ive known a few people like this.

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            Agreed with all, I have enough tools and parts to do a tune up, replace a raw water impeller, change the belts, etc. I have actually changed thermostats and the ignition points with the boat on the mooring a few times, on a calm day!
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