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1997 3388 rear ac/heat replacement-gctid402870

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    1997 3388 rear ac/heat replacement-gctid402870


    I also posted this on the MY forum. Thanks

    The compressor for the rear air/heat unit on my 1997 3388 gave out last week. I had a technician look at and was told it's locked up. I have no reason not to believe him, the way it was acting before it finally totally locked up had already led me to that conclusion. He comes recommended from dock mates and I have used him before.

    My question is where to go from here. He is recommending replacing the entire unit, along with a new control panel, with a Cruisair unit. This would cost about $3200. The other option is to pull the old one out and just replace the compressor and reinstall. No warranty with this option. This second option would run about $2000.

    The other option that I haven't priced yet would be for me to pull the unit , have him repair , and then re-install myself. I haven't been back to the boat yet to make a closer look at it, but I am wondering if anyone has ever r and r'ed one of these. It is the original unit by eccu-maxx(sp?). I picture there being inlet and outlet hoses for the raw water, power cables for the 120vac and a wiring harness for the control box, plus duct work connections.

    My main question is: when all this is disconnected and it's unfastened from the boat will this whole unit just slide out of the opening for the air intake vent?

    I would appreciate any advice or comments, Thanks

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/706619=29993-m12_top_discharge_imagelarge.jpg[/img]Heres a Mermaid 12,000 BTU with reverse cycle heat for $1600. They are prety easy to swap out. I have this one (less the heat) and it works great. Is your guy charging you $1600 labor?


      The prices in my original post were for parts, labor and tax. Thanks for the reply