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    Temp switch set point-gctid402686

    Can some one tell me the temp that the alarm should sound on a 1998 5.0 with a 160 thermostat? I would think that it would be about 200 degrees

    Mercruiser uses two different temp alarm sending units (as far as I know): One for the 4 cyl engine with a red band, and one for the 6 and 8 cylinder engines with a black band. My 3.0L (4 cylinder) uses the red banded unit, and is set to what I believe to be 190 degrees. I seem to remember that the 6 and 8 cylinder (black band) sensor is set to around 210 degrees. You may have the wrong sensor, or an aftermarket sensor installed.

    Just for your reference: Here is a picture of the 4 cylinder sensor with its red banding. The 6 and 8 cylinder sensor is identical, but with a black band.

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