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  • Alpha 1 bellows install-gctid348375

    Anyone have a suggestion as to the best method to install an exhaust bellow on an Alpha 1 Gen 2? I can get all the other tubes and bellows connected but I am really having a hard time getting the exhaust one on. I connected the bellow to the transom first and trying to connect to the gimbal second, is that right?

    Also, do I need to use Bellows glue? I read somewhere that with the newer bellows, the glue is optional.

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    Exhaust bellows are super easy if you have the tool that holds the bellows in place while you install the clamp:

    Don't use bellows glue as it's unnecessary and messy - after all, it doesn't matter one bit if the exhaust bellows ever leak.


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      Here's the easiest way:


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        If your boat is on a trailer I would just trailer it over to a marine shop.

        I had a shop attach one for me at no charge.

        That is if you don't want to buy the tool.