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    Hello All:

    I am a novice at anything electrical. My Mobile radio quit working so I checked the fuse block by pulling and inspecting some fuses and all was OK. Turns out after checking with a portable radio the mobile transmits but does not receive so the speaker maybe bad, time to replace. First use of boat afterwards the 12v plug was dead as well as the cabin lights. Blown 5 am blade fuse - replaced all is well. Next out the GPS is out. Checked fuse block again and found a different 5 AMP fuse blown, replaced it GPS is still out. Checked inline (250 MA) fuse to GPS and it is blown.

    The GPS is a Garmin 521 with a fuel flow sensor, been in about 5 years with no problems. Thought that perhaps my removing the fuses may have something to do with the 5 amp fuse blowing but I basically removed all fuses 5-20 amp inspected and put back. nothing else has blown. I did pull the dash and the connection to the voltmeter (also GPS power) was barely hanging on so I reinserted the tri-plug. Waiting on delivery of 250 MA fuse so I can reconnect. The GPS and the radio are not on the same circuit and are aftermarket installs. All other 12v electrical is original or powered directly from the battery.

    NEW INFO - a friend has suggested that a alternator problem or bad battery charger when on shore power could also be a cause. Alternator was recently replaced but has been used for several times before this problem started . Can anybody weigh in on this one?

    Where else do I need to look, w
    hat is going on? HELP. Thanks in advance.
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    Also not an expert, but not a novice.
    Your problems seemed to start when you replaced the speaker on your VHF. I'd start by checking all of the wiring that you handled in that change. My thought is that you've connected a ground wire to a positive terminal or vice versa. You have an active short somewhere and I wouldn't keep replacing fuses until you've located the problem.
    Did the power to the GPS restore it's function?
    I'd go over all of your wiring connections and check that they are all secure and the polarity is correct. If that doesn't work, make a list or take a picture of all of your fuse block connections, remove them all, and then reconnect them, one at a time, until your problem resurfaces. You'll now have your culprit.
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      You need to isolate the fault. Disconnect the radio replace the fuse and see if the lights work. If so the issues is with the radio.
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