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2859 repowering question

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    2859 repowering question

    We are coming close to moving forward with re-powering our 2002 2859. It currently has a 5.7mpi which is blown (long story involving unscrupulous sellers and sleazy brokers but I’ll save that discussion for another day !)
    After lots of reading I am pretty certain that I want to go with a 6.2 factory brand new motor. A couple of questions.....
    1. Does anyone know if I need to go with a full engine package or can I purchase a long block and transfer all the stuff from my old 5.7 mpi over to the new one ? Not 100% certain I want to do this but if it not an option then that decision becomes really easy.
    2. Has anyone here done the 6.2 or 383 upgrade from a 5.7mpi on a 2859 and if so can you describe the performance improvements. Cruising speed and rpm, time to plane and any noticeable fuel consumption differences.
    3. Also are there any drawbacks that anyone is aware of? I cannot see any but it never hurts to ask.
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    Many if not all parts will transfer from your 5.7 to the new 383. Was your current 5.7 running a full or part closed cooling system or was it raw water cooled? That may be a deciding factor. Personally I'd go with a complete drop in and have the shop sea trial the boat several times before you cut the check.
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      It is an Orca cooling system. I think that is a half system? It uses coolant and then draws raw water to cool it in the manifolds.
      Running the numbers I am leaning heavily towards the full repower. The silver lining is that i’ll end up with an awesome spare parts collection from the old motor.
      2014 Double Eagle 176EXL. But we are not done with Bayliner yet…this is just to get us to and from our cottage in the Gulf Islands.


        Spare parts are necessary for sure. I woukd go the way you are thinking also. Full repower. Nothing left to chance. And while its out go through the transom assembly while access is good. Check the square shaft.

        the 383 is a good motor. Lots of torque.
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          I have repowewred two 2859’s

          I would recommend that you get the complete engine package, drop in ready. The cost is more, but you will habve zero problems, and no chance for finger pointing if you do have an issue.

          When we did the 383 conversion it was a long time ago but my memory is that we got a significant fuel economy and performance increase. We did not have the old 5.7 long though, so our basis for cmparison was not that much. That was a block only job and I ended up screwing with it for a whole year after the install.

          We also did a 496 mercruiser in another 2859. It was a mercruiser drop in engine. We loved it. Lots of get up and go. 27 knot cruise speed. Zero problems, All the advances in technlogy you would expect from a current production engine. Mercruiser Extended warranty which made selling the boat easy for a much higher than average price.

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            What was the 496 worth from mercruiser?

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            Last year when I was looking into it I was quoted $21500 from two places up her in AK. The same price as the diesel I installed.

          I was with the dealer when he called Bayliner regarding details on the 246 I was about to order. I nearly asked if they could substitute the 6.2 engine for the 5.7 but never asked as the price was already more than I wanted to spend. I often wonder if they would have dropped one into my new build or if they wouldn't because that powerplant wouldn't have been factory tested.
          I know the big block wouldn't fit under the engine hatch due to height.
          When I received the boat, I found that the 5.7 B3 drive combo worked very well although my cruising rpm's are 3000 to 3600; more than I used to run on my previous boat with the carbureted 5.7.
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