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Omc cobra esa/shift issue-gctid401296

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    Omc cobra esa/shift issue-gctid401296


    My drive is totaly rebuilt with 5 degree clutch-dog

    The ESA system works (sierra module)

    All new cabels, new shifter Teleflex CH 1700. New motor.

    New Pertronix system.


    Shall V-notch return to zero/center after engaging gears?

    Regards Torsa

    Short answer..... Yes, if all is working correctly.

    More importantly will be what occurs during a shift FROM gear, back into Neutral. That is what the system is primarily designed for.
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      Thank You

      I know, have tried it with the old gears:thumb



        Had all of my shift related parts done last season, and yes, it should return. My marina mechanic had to call in an OMC guy to get it all right. Coming out of gear, it should stumble the motor and allow the disengage to occur without any grinding or noise and "drop" back into position. These are a PITA to adjust with all new cables (and a new shifter) but it can be done and works well when done properly. The biggest problem I had was re-adjustments after about 5 hours of use. It had to be readjusted once everything sort of broke in. This adjustment was all done up top and took less than 2 full turns to get back dead on.

        Wait - did I actually post to a technical question?