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Volvo 280 transmission replacement-gctid401133

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  • 2850Bounty
    Jeff, in the BOC Vault, there should be links to threads that will cover this shimming proceducre........ If not, post back.

    The OEM will suggest using the Volvo Penta codes, but I'll tell you that these are only good if no one has made changes since the coding.

    Yes, you will neeed some shims before you begin. The smaller the shim value, the better, as you can double up to achieve the value that you need.

    Ya can't do much with a .010" shim, if you are off by .003" or .007" ...... so go for the smaller value shims.

    Go here and idendify your transmission for the O-rings.

    All four O-rings (oil drain back, large bearing retainer, dip stick/drain plug) have been the same p/n's for years and years.

    If 275/280 and later, the oil fill port requires an OEM gasket.

    Do not substitute!


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    Guest started a topic Volvo 280 transmission replacement-gctid401133

    Volvo 280 transmission replacement-gctid401133

    I need to re-install my transmission does anyone know the numbers and a good source for the o rings and the part numbers? I am replacing the trans due to pds bearing failure, I replaced the flywheel housing and shaft and am changing from a course to a fine spline yoke as my transmission was shot and the used trans and flywheel housing are both fine spine not that it makes a difference. Also what about the shims for preload? I read the manual and understand the .006 preload for the bearings, should I get some shims ahead of time? I looked through the vault and didn't find them. Just trying to get back in the water by the 7th of Aug. for our anniversary so the Admiral will be happy. Thanks in advance. I should probably replace the propshaft seals also what aare the numbers for those? IT is a 85 2550 CIERRA 2550 Aq260 with a 280 sp drive. Thanks again