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Warning alarms for a 1991 2855 Ciera Sunbridge

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    Warning alarms for a 1991 2855 Ciera Sunbridge

    Does anyone know the full list of reasons my 1991 2855 Ciera Sunbridge might sound an alarm. My manual says it could be for either 1) too high of coolant temp. 2) Low engine oil pressure or 3) Low oil level in the sterndrive and/or reserve bottle. Are there any other reasons my alarm might sound beyond those?

    Those are the reasons.
    Whats happening?
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      Yep those are the three things the alarm monitors. As Dave said what are you expierencing?
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        Our 2000 7.4L MPI Bravo 3 also alarms for other reasons (though not shown in the manual). I found this out in the sea trial after reinstallation of the engine. When we got up to planing speed the alarm sounded. It was reset-able by shutting off and restarting, and as long as we stayed slow, no alarm. The cause? The mechanic had failed to reconnect the knock sensor lead. Easy fix with the code reader, though I'm sure not applicable to a carbureted older engine. But I put it out there for others who might experience alarms without symptoms of the big 3.
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          Yep, MPI is a bit more complex so to speak. OP should be running TB4 ignition no knock sensor for him.

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          Dave is correct, older non MPI only has the three items monitored by the alarm.

        Something to be said for " old school " no sensors, a hei dizzy and a 4 barrel Rochester.

        Hey ... maybe that's what i install in my next boat.

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          Thanks for the replys. No issues at this time. Someone at some point along the way suggested that there may be additional reasons for that toned alarm to go off. I keep a cheat sheet at the helm of that kind of info and wanted to make sure I had all the reasons.