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Racor S3227 or S3220TUL?

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    Racor S3227 or S3220TUL?

    I need to replace my Racor fulfiller canister and need information on which one should be on the boat. The fuel filter has obviously been changed because it doesn't quite fit the space is in. However, it works where it is and I'm okay with that. My problem is with which canister I should be using.

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    Both canisters are 10 micron filters, but the current filter is an S3220TUL. From what I read, the 'TUL' is an Aquabloc, where the S3227 isn't. Their catalogue reads:

    Aquabloc® Spin-on Fuel Filters: Besides removing asphaltenes, water, gums, and varnishes, Aquabloc® filters out tiny particles of dirt and algae from diesel fuel.

    But it also states that the filter is also for gasoline engines. I understand that biomaterial can live in the water in a fuel tank, and this filter does separate the water from the fuel. But since the only place bio matter can live is IN the water, why would it be relevant in a gasoline filter? If it was sucking water through the filter, the engine isn't going to run anyway. What am I missing?

    Which one should I be using?
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    I only use Tul filters on my gas engines in my 3870, never had a water issue unless the filter could not hold more water, then nothing passes through.
    I before leaving the dock always pull the bottom plug and drain any water that may be there.
    It saves on filters.

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