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    Rat on board

    I picked up my 2859 from the shipyard on Friday night. As I was inspecting the work,I noticed rat dropping in the galley and some damage to a cork fishing rod. I notified the yard and they came down and vacuumed up the dropping, and I departed as I was late afternoon and wanted to get back to the dock. As the last couple of days unfolded, the rat has been busy clawing or get out and chomping at the monkey fir. The yard left the engine room hatch opens for at least a week as the work was being done and the rat obviously entered the boat. It has been getting into the galley, I am guessing, through the pass through under the refrigerator.

    Anyway, I have 6 traps out and 6 sticky panels, but. I luck. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

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    Dave Stancil
    Bayliner #1 in slip
    1993 2859 Classic
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    Fortunately no. Hope you catch the darn thing.
    Rick Grew

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      The sticky traps are my favorite because the vermin suffer before they die. If you can borrow a cat for a few days they enjoy the work.
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        Cat !
        Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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          I have had good luck with the traps. Best bait I have found is either peanut butter or red licorice. Rats seem to love both !

          good luck
          2014 Double Eagle 176EXL. But we are not done with Bayliner yet…this is just to get us to and from our cottage in the Gulf Islands.


            Yes I had the mouse problem and won. You need to be very aggressive. Triple the number of traps and sticky pads. I had 20 of each. On my 45' I place traps under sinks and in every storage bin/raceway I could find. I places all food stuff packaged in cardboard or paper packaging into sturdy plastic containers. I monitored everyday and after 2 weeks, catching only 2 mice I was satisfied that the problem was resolved. Peanut butter works but so does cheddar cheese. When we left for the winter layup I re baited several traps, placed food stuff in containers and left. My son is monitoring any additional visitor that may arrive. So far so good, no new furry visitors.
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              Anchor line hawse pipe cover, be sure it is closed, in Alaska it is mink that crawl in.
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                Had this happen to a local with a small sailing catamaran. Ten thousand in damage to wiring etc
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                  Mice and rats are prey, so they rely heavily on their smarts. Being prey, they tend to run along the sides and walls so they can only be attached on one side. If they need to cross the middle of a room, they will run, rarely ever stopping even though there may be food there. They will only stop if they have crossed that space numerous times. They may smell it, but they won't dare cross the room to check it out.

                  Suggest you use spring traps with Cheez Whiz smothered all over the tripper. Then place your traps right up against the base of the wall or raised edges where the scat was found.
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                    Great suggestion. Will try cheese whiz and peanut butter.
                    Dave Stancil
                    Bayliner #1 in slip
                    1993 2859 Classic
                    10 ' dingy w/4HP 2012 DS4 Suzuki
                    Bayliner #2 in garage
                    2000 19.5 Capri Classic on trailer


                      Well, I am thankful for all of the normal stuff today, family, friends, ability to have a boat in a slip in SoCal. Add to that, the advice I got from the Forum. I caught the rat last night using some great advice form the Forum. I did not employ the “cat” as suggested, but I did add cheese whiz to the peanut butter as suggested by Captain Crunchie.

                      I will not post the photo of the rat, but it was BIG! Thanks again to all that responded.
                      Dave Stancil
                      Bayliner #1 in slip
                      1993 2859 Classic
                      10 ' dingy w/4HP 2012 DS4 Suzuki
                      Bayliner #2 in garage
                      2000 19.5 Capri Classic on trailer


                        Peanut butter gets em every time . Cheese is easy to pick because it’s too stiff while peanut butter sticks to the pan so they just have to get right into the kill zone to eat some. Congratulations on your success just remember to follow up. . Leave one around someplace just in case he had friends. It’s a good idea to leave one or two mouse traps while your boat is in winter layup. Hopefully it will knock off any new residents before they set up shop.
                        One thing to avoid at all cost with any vehicle is using poison.. Ratso will find the worst possible place to go die and you will cry long and hardas a rat will take many months to quit smelling. I know the stink time personally all too well..


                          Originally posted by boatworkfl View Post
                          Anchor line hawse pipe cover, be sure it is closed, in Alaska it is mink that crawl in.
                          Yea but with mink you can make a coat.....
                          Boatless at this time

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                            Tips from a rat catcher:

                            Rats are very wary creatures. It means that you need to present the trap to them in the same place for a few days (unbaited and inert) until they get used to it. They can take a bait out of a set trap without triggering it or without getting "stung". Presenting an inert trap will gain their confidence and the first hit will get them.

                            They don't like being out in the open so they move around close to walls rather than going across an open area. So, place traps around the edge of a room/cabin not in the middle.

                            I bait up with chocolate but I think any high calorie food will probably work. NB they are carniverous so a piece of chicken is irresistible but not always practical.

                            I don't use any fancy traps; just a large rat snapper trap.

                            When you catch it; re-bait the trap and get its brother. They don't seem to care a lot about the sight of the dead rat. I have had bait disappear with a rat dead in the trap. Caught the culprit the next night.

                            Happy hunting.

                            Terry (Retired Diving Instructor and Part Time IT Consultant)
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                              Thanks for your suggestions and they are much appreciated. I caught the rat on Thanksgiving morning on a trap with peanut butter and cheese whiz. Still working through the damage, but it appears no wires were damaged. The rat really liked the monkey fir and the Mr. Clean magic eraser.

                            I know several people that have cats on their live-aboards.
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