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Bayliner capri 1700 transom repair (year 1990)

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    Bayliner capri 1700 transom repair (year 1990)

    Good day!

    Sorry if this was discuss , but I can t find it in the forum!
    Can someone help with a information regarding transom restore. What type of wood I need, to renew the transom and type of fiberglass, resin etc. ( all materials and type)
    I want to do the same operation as shown in the picture below and photos of my boat.
    I noticed that when I fastened the motor fixing screws, have squeezed the vertical plate

    Thank you and kind regards!

    Marine grade plywood with little to no voids within the lamination like BBX (no treated ply) epoxy resin and glass will be stronger than polyester resin and less stinky but a bit more expensive.
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      Thank you!
      What do you mean BBX ? Can I find all of this in Europe?


        Bbx is the grade. B grade outer, b grade inner, x means outdoor grade glue was used to bond the layers.

        Just like cdx grade plyboard at home depot. Just not as high quality. Most important thing is x and non treated
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          Thank you very much ! You are very kind!