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Wipers and horn not working

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    Wipers and horn not working

    So I bought an 87 ciera 2550 and the wipers and horn didn’t work. I figured easy enough fix right. Well I haven’t attempted the horn yet but I went after the wipers tonight. I have power at and after the switch but not at the wiper motor. I only tried using the ground on the wiper motor as my contact and as there is power at after the switch I’m lead to believe it is a ground issue. Has anyone seen this before or have insight. Also on the same line, If I were to run new wire how do I do that and where does it run as they seem to be under the headliner which appears glued to the ceiling.

    Yup, under the headliner and not replacement friendly. Try extending your tester ground wire to another confirmed ground then test your power lead at the motor. Another test, leave the wiper motor on for a minute or so to see if it pops the fuse or circuit breaker. It could be either a bad connection, best case, to a frozen arm shaft, worst case. I just replaced one of my wiper motors this year after the arm shaft froze up.
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