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Winter is Coming!! What do I do?!?

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    Winter is Coming!! What do I do?!?

    Hey everybody!! I purchased a 2003 2855 at the beginning of the season this year. First cruiser and really first boat. Winters approaching and I'm looking for guidance. I was hoping to get advice from the prior owner, as he was real good about helping me out. However, they live in Florida, and suffered some loss of property in the hurricane, so I don't want to bother them this year with my many questions. Therefore, I turn to the BOC. So many questions as winter is approaching. The boat stays in the water in Tacoma, in a boat house, with dock side power plugged in. It has the Mercruiser 383 stroker that was installed summer 2016 and has a little less than 60 hours on it. I have a few small, radiator type heaters (no flame) that I can use if needed. And that is all I know, as winter approaches. Many many questions, so if there is a FAQ someone can point me too, that would be nice. I've read and read here, and other sites, but I am just not confident in my knowledge. It seems as though the winter here is not harsh enough, that leaving it in the water is fine. And as far as winterizing any of the systems, I'm not sure what needs to be done. Any recommendations, tips, or experiences will help me understand the way forward through my first winter. Thank you all for your help!!
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    Theres tons of info out there.

    Drain and blow out fresh water system. Blow out at water heater. Flush wint fluid down toilet. Pull drain plug. Run engine warm it up, put muffs on with a 5 gallon bucket rigged to muffs, start pumping fluid through engine.

    Its been awhile but I am back in the "game".... I just bought a 89 power play spectra 222 mercruiser 454 bravo 1, its the time of year here
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      At the bare minimum put a heater inside the cabin to keep it from getting moldy. Since you are in the water, there really is not much you can do to winterize the engine. Hopefully you have a closed cooling system. You are on the water so that helps keep your boat from freezing compared to trailer boats that have cold air blowing under them. I never did anything to mine other than an electric heater, and I'm up in Bellingham, next door to Canada, which is generally a few degrees cooler than where you are at.
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        Agree with green, your moored so you'll likely be fine. If you do decide to heat the engine bay use an approved ignition protected heater only! You may want to drain out your potable water system but not sure that's even necessary.
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