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  • Pump lost prime-gctid829185

    Changed the fuel filter/water separator and lost the prime on the fuel pump. (5.0 MPI Merc). Seems the pump is a good foot above the top of the tank, the filter is below the pump, and the pump only pushes according to my research. One poor guy was pulling his hair out and a technician suggested to use one of the fuel bulbs between the tank and the fuel pump to get things working again.

    Apparently this is a pretty common problem.

    Hoping to save someone lots of dollars if they change the fuel filter and then the engine quits. I am going to keep one of those bulbs on the boat in case it happens out in the big blue.

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    The mercruiser electric fuel pump is designed for suction from the tank to itself and then pressurize the fuel line. It comes this way from the factory and has been operating in the field since. Adding a bulb is a bad idea as it is not designed nor approved for this application. If the intent is to add it only to restore prime then remove it I would think removing it would introduce air so it would be self defeating.
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